10 Things Every Man Cave Needs

12th November 2021
table football

You’re not going to impress with your man cave if it consists of a tiny TV, a chair that feels it could fall apart at any minute, and a few lukewarm cans of lager. You need to give your man cave some love and attention. You want a place to destress and relax; you don’t want to worry that your mates will count down the minutes until they can leave. 

The biggest thing you can do to create the dream man cave is to ensure you’ve got all the right stuff in there. Because, when else will you get total design control over a whole room? Also, the opportunity to have a games table AND a beer tap? Why would you pass up on the chance?

1. Your Preferred Games Table

This is an ultimate must-have! Especially if you plan on having friends around your man cave a lot. Whatever type of games table is your go-to, the addition will be worthwhile. From a retro-style air hockey table to a totally luxurious poker table, anything goes. If you don’t have enough room in your man cave for a full-size games table, then a pack of cards will still go a long way!

2. The Comfiest Seating You Can Find

Stick to your taste, but make sure whatever you choose is super comfortable. After all, you’ll probably be spending hours sat in your man cave. You don’t want to get a bad back when you’re sat watching the most crucial footy match of the year. Think about how many people you want seating for and the kind of seating you’d prefer. A corner sofa? A recliner? The ultimate seating experience; seating with cupholders.

3. Your Own Secret Snack Stash

If you start feeling snacky in the middle of a film you’ve been waiting for ages to watch, you don’t want to have to run to the kitchen. Keeping a stash of your favourite snacks mean you never have to miss a second. Nuts, crisps, even a popcorn machine! Whatever tickles your fancy, always ensure you’ve got it waiting in your man cave.

beer bottles

4. A Well-Stocked Drinks Unit

A beer fridge is an excellent addition to any man cave, but having your very own beer keg is even better. Your friends will be well impressed, and you’ll save so much money. You don’t even have to leave your own house to enjoy an ice-cold, freshly pulled pint! If you’re more of a spirit drinker, some optics would be a great addition. They’re practical but look pretty cool too!

5. Swanky Smart Home Features

Alexa is now a household name; most people seem to own at least one. There are now so many other smart home appliances available, and you’re missing out if you’re not making the most of what’s on the market! Listen to this- you could be turning the lights on without even getting out of your recliner chair. If this sounds like ultimate relaxation to you, then it’s time you considered some smart bulbs for your man cave.

6. The Ultimate Entertainment Section

Okay, so this is probably the most critical part of any man cave. (Apart from seating, because what use is a fancy new TV if you have to watch from the floor.) The entertainment station is what provides the ultimate escapism. In your man cave, you can chill out and watch whatever you want. No more endlessly scrolling through Netflix; say goodbye to arguing over what film to put on. 

If you’re an avid gamer, your entertainment section should also be home to your games console collection! A high-spec, large TV is also essential. 

7. Shelves to Display Your Goods

This is where you can show off your collection, whatever it is you are interested in. We all have different interests, from football memorabilia to action figures and vinyl records to comic books, and this is your opportunity to showcase your selections. Shelves are a great way to display your prized possessions (the things your wife probably doesn’t want in the living room).

wall art

8. Your Favourite Wall Art

No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a piece of wall art to represent this in your man cave! Got some football memorabilia you want to have on display? Hang it up in a frame. Got some favourite movies with iconic posters? Make your man cave truly your own and get them up on the wall. A gallery wall is a great option; it’s the perfect way to incorporate all your interests into the decor. 

9. A Decent Speaker

This is an absolute must if you’re into music! You don’t want to completely murder your favourite songs by playing them through a rubbish sound system. If you’ve got a high-spec TV, you’ll want a good quality surround sound system to match. You can feel like you’re at the cinema without even needing to leave your home premises!

10. A Fun Set of Mates!

Sometimes, you will want time alone. But, man caves are the perfect excuse to get all your mates together for a bit of a laugh. It’s a place where you can play some competitive games and drink some beer. Now that you’ve got all the perfect items in your man cave, you just need your mates to fill the cave and put it to good use!

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