2022 Must-Have List of Man Cave Gadgets

19th March 2021

A man cave isn’t a man cave without plenty of entertaining gadgets! What are you supposed to get up to when guests are around, and you’re serving your drinks? Unless there’s a football game on, or you’re planning on a movie marathon, you’re going to need more tech than just a TV. 

man cave lads night

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The best man cave gadgets can be enjoyed by multiple friends at once and encourage chatter rather than punishing it! A bit of healthy competition can be really rewarding over some pints and keep a great atmosphere for hours on end. Here at the Man Cave Project, we’ve curated the must-have list of man cave gadgets and their uses. They’re guaranteed to please!


An Automatic Shuffler

Whether you’re hosting a poker night, or you’re simply setting up a quick game of Cheat for some laughs, an automatic card shuffler is an ideal man cave gadget. Why spend time shuffling up your deck of cards by hand when a machine can do it for you and better?

For Poker Night and Cheat

Using an automatic card shuffler for poker night is a smart move. Nobody can accuse you of rigging the cards, and you’re likely to get the deck mixed more effectively than you could manage by hand. Plus, it looks sophisticated! You don’t want to seem like an amateur when you’re the host of the poker game.

poker chips

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Cheat is an easy card game to learn, even after a couple of pints! All you need is a well-shuffled pack of cards, which you’ll achieve with your automatic shuffler and three+ players. The first player puts down a card, which could be a six of clubs. The next person plays a card face down, calling a value above or below the previous card, so a five or a seven. This may be a lie. The cycle continues, and players have to call ‘cheat’ if they suspect a lie. If ‘cheat’ is called correctly, the cheater takes all cards into their pile. If ‘cheat’ is called incorrectly, the caller takes the cards. The first one to lose all cards wins!

playing cards

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A Popcorn Machine

Why wouldn’t you want your man cave gadgets to help you make your own popcorn? Sitting down to watch a movie isn’t the same without a snack, and a popcorn machine means you’ll never be without. Whether you’re sitting down for a Lord of the Rings marathon on your own, or you’re scrolling through Netflix with your friends, popcorn is always a good idea. Sweet or savoury, it just doesn’t matter! That’s the beauty of it. Popcorn can suit your sweet tooth or be a salty bar snack.

For Savoury and Sweet

The likelihood is that you immediately thought of buckets filled with toffee popcorn when you heard ‘popcorn machine’. But if you aren’t a sweet tooth, that’s okay! Pop your corn in your new machine, cover it with a layer of butter, and then add a sprinkling of paprika, lemon pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Top it off with light shakes of salt and cayenne pepper! You’ve got your own cajun-spiced popcorn for the movie.


If you prefer sweet popcorn, you could coat your fresh batch with toffee sauce or caramel. Sweet popcorn is a cinema staple, and sometimes you just don’t need to mess with tradition. If you feel a little creative, then try adding different sweets into your popcorn mix. Maltesers and Smarties work particularly well, and they add an extra texture to munch on during your film!


An Electronic Dartboard

Why risk the holes in your wall from a traditional dartboard when electronic versions exist? An electronic dartboard is a perfect man cave gadget, giving the entertainment value that you’d find in a real pub. You don’t even need to get the calculator or the notepad out because an electronic dartboard has full scorekeeping capabilities for all of your players! It really is as simple as aiming your darts.

For Entertainment and Skill

Playing darts is the ultimate social game since only one person can aim at a time, and all other players can focus on chatter. Players can even spice the rounds up with forfeits for missing the board or accumulating the losing score! Shots of strong spirits are a typical forfeit, and the plastic darts of your board make sure that even the drunkest of your mates can’t hurt themselves or anybody else.


You can practise your hand-eye coordination skills on your own with your electronic dartboard, too. You’ll be able to spend days working on your aim without piercing tons of holes in your board. Who knows, if you develop your throw well enough, you may be able to go professional! Or at least beat all your mates next time they’re round.


An Air Hockey Table

Bring the arcade to your man cave with your own air hockey table! Although it’s only a two-player game and perhaps too big to be considered a traditional gadget, air hockey is quick and fun for any group to watch. Unlike poker and table tennis, air hockey doesn’t really require prior skill and even a beginner is guaranteed to enjoy playing for themselves. Endless hours of fun are definitely worth the space an air hockey table fills in your room!

For Competition and Fun

Air hockey rules are ridiculously straightforward. Even the daftest of your mates would struggle to ruin a game, so it’s the ultimate gadget to have while you’re drinking heavy. Run a quick tournament, and play all of your pals against one another. The final winner gets bragging rights, but you’ll all feel equally satisfied after a hilarious and busy night.

air hockey

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If you’re feeling less competitive and you’re just wanting casual games on your air hockey table, you can set up your matches differently! Appoint a friend as the goalkeeper, and have the rest of your guests rotate and try to score with one hit from the other side. Quickfire shots have a faster pace than a single game and get all friends involved rather than spectating!


A Neon LED Sign

Let’s be honest, the atmosphere of your man cave is just as important as the entertainment. Decor needs to be comfortable, inviting and easy to maintain or you aren’t making the most of your space! Lighting has a massive impact on the mood of your room, and a neon LED sign can illuminate in any colour and font that would suit your man cave.

For Ambience and Atmosphere

Neon LED signs are the ultimate gadget for easy-going lighting. A red glow sets an intense ambience for your poker games without the intrusion of daylight, removing your group from the world while you play. Replicate the feel of the Las Vegas strip but on a much smaller scale, and set the tone for a night full of whisky and gambling with funky signs.

neon lights

Every gadget that you invest in will impress more when featured in a carefully decorated room, so don’t underestimate the power of your lighting. If you’re searching for further advice on selecting suitable man cave gadgets, or you want to know the best way to approach decorating your space, then contact us at the Man Cave Project.