5 Ways to Personalise Your Man Cave

24th September 2021
cards and dice

With a bit of time and vision, anyone can build a man cave! But what can you do to make yours stand out from the crowd? You don’t want a generic man cave; you want a space that genuinely feels like your own space and gives people something to talk about. Personalisation is the key; it’s how you make your man cave mean something special to you. Here are five ways to personalise your man cave and give something 


1. Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme for your man cave takes it to the next level. You can show off just how much the space means to you by making the extra effort; sit down and think about what kind of vibe you want to go for. If you’re struggling to decide which theme to go for, here’s some pretty cool ideas.

We’re Jamming

If you’re a wannabe rockstar or just a huge music fan, going for a music-themed man cave is bound to bring you joy. Display your vinyl collection in a trendy unit, even put some of them up on the wall with record display shelves. Start collecting signed vinyl to frame and put up on your walls to show your dedication! Consider a karaoke for a bit of a laugh, sing like nobody’s listening! No one is around in your man cave to judge.

If you play an instrument, your man cave is the perfect place to show them off. Guitars double up as awesome wall art! If you’re in a band, go all out and create a staging area, somewhere for you to practice, but remember to soundproof your man cave! I don’t want to annoy the neighbours.

Casino Time

If your idea of a great night out is a visit to the casino, then bring the casino to your man cave! Invest in a poker table, illuminate with a glamorous chandelier for ultimate casino vibes. If you have a lot of room, having multiple games tables such as roulette and blackjack will make it feel like the real deal. Still, even if you only have room for one games table, you can do all sorts to make your man cave feel like a night at the casino.

Go for dark, moody, deep colour walls such as navy or black if you want an unforgettable atmosphere. To keep things feeling like a legit casino, install mood lighting. Go for leather chairs and polished wood furniture; classy!

Nerd Haven

If you are a massive geek at heart, don’t be afraid to embrace this in your man cave! After all, it’s your space to do as you please. This might be the only time you get to make all the interior design decisions, leave the living room to your wife; the man cave is where the comic books belong.

Get a unit big enough to display all your collector’s comic books proudly; have shelves around the room for your figurines and merch. If you’re a gamer, you can give your console collection pride of place in your man cave; this will really wow your guests. Make sure you go for super comfy seating, such as a chilled corner sofa. This means when you’re having a Star Wars movie marathon, you can comfortably put your feet up and get lost in the film.


2. Brand Your Man Cave!

Following this step will make your man cave something special! First, come up with a name. Something witty but personal to you. Design a logo; it doesn’t need to be anything special; if you’ve chosen a theme, then base it around this. Whatever colours are included in your logo, these are your brand colours. Incorporate these colours within your decor, keep everything consistent, and it’ll look so professional your friends will be bragging about it all over social media! To go the extra mile, you could even get a personalised neon light with the name of your man cave in shining lights!


3. Curate a Gallery Wall

This is a great way to incorporate many different interests into your man cave. Film posters are a great choice. They are iconic; Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, The Godfather. If you’re a franchise fan, get each poster framed and arrange them on your wall; think how cool all the retro Star Wars posters would look behind your air hockey table! 

It doesn’t end with film posters; start picking exciting stuff up on your travels. Bits and bobs from holidays, mix it up with exciting metal or neon signs. Family photos are a good option, too, although your man cave is a space to escape; it will still put a smile on your face seeing those holiday snaps when you’re sat relaxing.

games night

4. Stock Up On Your Favourite Booze

We all have our favourites; ales, lager, wine, martinis, whatever floats your boat! Always make sure you have enough stocked up for you and your mates. A beer keg makes your man cave feel super professional and is a great talking point at your next lads night. Optics make a great centrepiece and mean that your whiskey on the rocks is always perfect. You can even get merch for your favourite tipple! Vintage adverts, beer mats, coasters; make your man cave feel like a pub if that’s your style!


5. Let Your Mates Have Input

After all, your friends will also be spending time in your man cave. It’s a place for you to have alone time and relax, but you’ll also be hosting poker nights and gaming tournaments! If you’re putting up movie posters, ask your mates for their favourite film and create your gallery wall this way. Having a little input from your friends makes an exciting environment; it’s also a bit of fun! 

Do Whatever Feels Most You

At the end of the day, you want somewhere you can retreat to for relaxation and a bit of fun! Your man cave should be to your taste, don’t worry what other people think. 

For all the ultimate items for your space, visit us at The Man Cave Project. We’ve got everything you could need to create the ultimate getaway you deserve. Tag us in your man cave snaps on Instagram @uk_mancave; we’d love to see your creations.