Ideas for the Ultimate Lads Night In

Sometimes you don’t have the effort to plan an outing to the clubs with your mates. Rather than having to coordinate lifts and struggle for decent venues, you can host a lads night in! You can bring all the fun of the casino or the cinema to your man cave, and you won’t be surrounded by crowds of noisy people either. Whether you’re partial to a poker game or your friend’s favour crowding around a football table with the fun of a tournament, there are endless ideas for activities that you can enjoy in the house. Sometimes the struggle is knowing where to begin with picking a theme!

Here are some ideas for the ultimate lads night in to get you started. 

Nostalgic Movie Time

Relive the excitement you felt going to the cinema to watch your favourite action movie for the first time. Whether you’re a Spiderman fan or a Fast and Furious old-timer, you’re guaranteed to love a nostalgic movie night! It’s time to bust out your old DVDs or deep dive into Amazon Prime or Netflix, and stick on the series of films that your friendship group talked about all the time. The memories attached to every movie make this idea a sure winner.

Movie Night

All you’ll need is comfy sofas, a flatscreen TV and your set of movies! If you’ve got a popcorn machine, now is the time to fire that up too. What’s a trip to the cinema without freshly made snacks? Hot popcorn hits the spot like nothing else, and both sweet and salty lovers will be able to season the batch for themselves. Snack on sweets, and watch the hours fly by as you’re transported back into your favourite fictional world!

Beer and Buffet Bash

Food is often the most exciting part of any event, so why not theme your night around food? Put on a chunky spread of buffet snacks, and watch the entertainment take care of itself! You can go as lavish as you’d fancy with bottomless shrimp, or you can take a no-frills approach with fondue and sliced sausage. Conversation flows easier around a table during your lads night in, and everybody is cheerier on a full stomach.

Buffet Food

For a slightly higher entertainment factor, introduce beer tasting into the evening. Once your mates are finished eating, whip out craft lagers and hipster beer brands to sample and try to decide on a group favourite. Naturally, pork scratchings make a great palate cleanser, though you could also leave out salted pretzels or cashew nuts to munch on throughout the evening.

Casino and Cocktails

Bring the Vegas strip to your man cave with tense games around your poker table, and serve up vintage cocktails that would make James Bond proud. What is more thrilling than betting money against your pals and watching your poker chips pile up? And washing down your victory with a classic vodka martini, or a ‘Vesper martini’ if you’re a true Bond fan, is a must. 

Poker Night

You can pull out all the stops for food on casino night. Oysters, crab and caviar are made to be savoured around an elegant poker table! If gloating about your gambling wins for the next year isn’t enough for you, your lavish buffet will give you extra bragging rights. A glass of whisky could be more than enough to accompany your spread, but making cocktails can be a fun switch-up from your tense gambling if you’re feeling fancy. Try a snake bite or an old fashioned.

Retro Games Night

When sorting out your acrylic chip tree for a poker night sounds too much like hard work, kick back with a retro games night. Blow off the dusty Nintendo 64 for old school Mario games, or see if the guys can find their old gameboys. You’ll quickly get back into the swing, and you’ll be able to compete just as you did years ago. Nostalgia is guaranteed to hit, and you’ll feel fun like you’re a big kid all over again!


Games consoles aren’t the only option, either! You could crack out the old board games and fight it out over Monopoly. Retro board games don’t lose their appeal, and your competitiveness picks up where it left off as soon as the board has been opened. If you want to spice it up even more, you can place bets on who will be the winner of your games - whether video games or board games. The biggest loser can do a shot as a forfeit.

One Sporty Affair

Competition is more thrilling when it’s physical, and a sporty tournament-style lads night in is the perfect place to go wild. Fire up the air hockey table, and show the guys who's boss in your man cave. Hold quickfire rounds on your ping pong table, your football table, and your dartboard, and make a note of the winner in all the matches! Whoever wins most often gets to gloat until your next night in, so you best make sure that it’s you.


Sorting refreshments for your sporty get-together is a breeze. Order pizza in, grab bucketfuls of chicken wings and keep plenty of cold cans of beer. Nobody wants to think about cutlery and plates when they’re getting in the zone for some heavy competition, so finger food is the only way to go! Just make sure you keep napkins around the table, or your darts and your air hockey strikers will end up covered in grease. Sorry!

Big Grill and Chill

Is there a better lads activity than getting the grill out and whipping up some burgers? While this activity is a little less specific to your man cave, and you could host it in the garden around a campfire in the dark, you can always head inside with your burgers to watch some football once you’ve finished cooking. After all, the weather will start getting chilly! Hot dogs, burgers and chicken thighs are all on the menu, and your friends will no doubt have a laugh arguing over being head chef. 


Make sure your man cave is ready for the ultimate lads in with our help at the Man Cave Project. We’ve got quality games tables that’ll bring your space to life, so whether you’re hosting a retro games night or a Vegas-themed blowout, you’re ideally equipped. For further advice on developing and decorating your man cave, please feel free to contact us.