The Best Man Cave Bar Ideas

Your man cave isn’t complete without a fully stocked bar next to your electronic dartboard. Having all your favourite liquors and expensive whiskys ready to pour is the height of luxury. No longer will you have to carry glasses through the house after preparing your drinks in the kitchen! But what do you need to buy to store all of your equipment? And where should you install your bar in the room?

Man Cave Bar and Pool Table


If you’re ready to elevate your social space to the next level, we’ve got the best man cave bar ideas to consider. From theme ideas to entertainment suggestions and liquor recommendations, you’re in safe hands with our advice at The Man Cave Project. No matter the size of your room, we’ve got some incredible tips to guarantee that your bar will impress.

Pick a Theme

Knowing what style you’re working toward will massively help you to make decisions on bar equipment and drinkware. Depending on whether you appreciate a rustic theme or a modern look, the types of appliances you’ll need will differ. The ideas you have for your man cave bar will set the tone of your room, so nailing the aesthetic will promise that the rest of your space looks luxurious.

Man Cave Pool Table

A Gentlemen’s Club

A gentlemen’s club is the ultimate luxurious yet rustic theme idea. Your whisky collection won’t look out of place in 18th-century décor, and poker games benefit from the classy ambience. Choose your furniture dark and wooden with burgundy accents, and you’re already halfway there! Keep in mind that cheap tumblers won’t look the part when they’re dotted around your poker table, so you need to invest in a dressy set of whisky glasses. And perhaps an old-timey display cabinet to store them in!


A Cosy Corner Bar

If you’re pressed for space in your man cave, a cosy corner bar could be just right for you. Functionality will be more important to you than style when it comes to furniture. Your bar stools and their accompanying table should be adjustable and lowered if you want to set up a poker game. A space-saving mini fridge will be ideal for keeping your beers chilled without getting in the way of activities, while bottles can be stacked out of the way on high shelves. A mirror on your back wall can open up what seems like a crowded area.


A Musician’s Escape

Who doesn’t love music? Live gigs and beer are a match made in heaven. You can bring some of that magic home with a musical man cave! Of course, you don’t always need to hire a band to enjoy your favourite songs with friends. All you’ll need is a quality sound system installed in your bar, and a neon LED sign to replicate the feel of nightlife. Hang back-lit guitars and framed sheet music on your walls for some quick and easy decor.

Music Man Cave

Buy Your Furniture

No matter the theme of your man cave bar, you’re going to need some staple items. Your countertop, a fridge, accessible shelving, suitable drinkware and comfortable seating are basic requirements. After that, you may choose extras like an ice machine. 

Try and stick to the style that your theme provides! For example, a dark wooden countertop will suit your gentlemen’s club theme, and a piano styled shelving unit could hold bottles in your musician’s escape. Even a colour theme could coordinate your bar equipment to your room decor, so avoid clashing colours where possible.

Remember Your Space

Be realistic with the amount of space that you have. A mini-fridge does the same job as an American double-door, but it’ll take up considerably less of your bar. Your countertop should hold your bottles and your glasses while still being easy to work around! Should your man cave be an unusual shape, you could install a custom-built bar that’s tailored for your room measurements. Stack crates on top of one another, and secure them with nails in your desired position. Crate bars look rustic, but they’re easy to add on your own!

Invest in Entertainment

The furniture of your man cave includes more than your seating and your bar equipment. You also need to invest in means of entertainment for your lad’s night in! If you’ve got the space, a football table can be the ideal centrepiece for your room. Table football is an easy enough game, even after a couple of beers, so you can encourage some healthy competition without needing too much focus from your guests!


Stock Your Bar

Now you’ve got your equipment raring to go, entertainment ready for guests, and impressive room decor, you’re going to need to stock your bar! The range of different liquors and mixers available can make this step seem difficult, but you don’t need to panic. Depending on the theme of your man cave, different drink styles will suit your setting, and you can choose a staple whisky or pint to offer. Anything else is a bonus!

Select Your Spirits

You aren’t doing your gentlemen’s club setting justice if you don’t have a stash of whisky or port. Whether you enjoy your drink neat or on the rocks, selecting your spirits is the most important part of introducing a bar. Firstly, you’ll want to focus on choosing a quality bottle of every spirit to populate your cabinet. You’ve got to establish the backbone of your bar before you can grow and expand your collection!

The perfect first-time whisky is a bottle of Darkness 8 Year Old. At around £50, it isn’t a cheap introduction to the world of whisky, but the quality is worth every penny. With plenty of flavour, including orange peel and amaretto notes, this is a beautiful start to your collection. In fact, it’s so drinkable that we reckon you’ll repurchase this one for your cabinet permanently!

Your man cave bar ideas mean nothing without an excellent port to pour. A bottle of Croft Vintage Port 1994 will only set you back £60, but James Suckling (or the Wine Spectator) awarded the drink a 96/100. Aromas include black cherry, spice and leather, so you’re guaranteed a punchy start to your port collection. The lads won’t want the bottle, or the night, to end!

Enjoy Your Space!

You’ve got everything that you could possibly need for an impressive bar in your man cave. Enjoy it! Invite guests around to explore, and sit reflecting over whisky notes in intense poker games.

Should you have any further questions about choosing suitable entertainment for guests in your man cave, contact us at the Man Cave Project. We’re more than happy to help!