Choosing a Games Table for Your Man Cave

8th December 2021
pool table

A games table is the perfect centerpiece to any man cave. After all, you’ve got to have something to stand around when you’re enjoying pints and a good chat! The real struggle comes when you’ve got to decide which style of table is best for you. You’re unlikely to have enough room for an air hockey table, a poker table and a snooker table, so you’re going to have to prioritise one table style over others! So, what are the benefits and drawbacks different games for your man cave? Which option will best suit the amount of space you have, your theme and your personality?

Here is everything you could need to know when choosing a table for your man cave game room


Pool Tables Fill The Room

A pool table is a classic man cave games table and a solid choice. Billiards is easy enough for anybody to play, and even after a few beers too. Hours of fun can be spent with you practising your shots on your own or running a small tournament with your pals on a Friday night! One thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that a pool table requires a reasonable amount of space. The average table is 7 to 9 feet, and you’ll need an extra 6 feet around the perimeter to allow for the movement of your cue. 

foosball table

Foosball Tables Suit Everyone

No matter your age, foosball brings out competitiveness in all of us. It is a pretty heavy and chunky table, so you’re best off putting this one on the hardwood floor, but you won’t struggle to get a game going with any guests you have around! Keep the matches as short and quickfire as you’d like, or spend the whole evening keeping score in one gigantic game. You don’t need to worry about the atmosphere or mentally prepare to use the foosball table like you’d need to get ready for a poker game, so this option is perfect for those more spontaneous man cave chills.

table tennis

Table Tennis Fits Stuffier Spaces

While you’ve still got to have space to move and serve your shots, a foldable table tennis table is built for less roomy man caves. When you’re ready to start a game, you can tuck all furniture away and open up your table! Once the game is over, it’s quick and simple to flatten the table again. If a centerpiece isn’t something that you can permanently fit around your furniture, table tennis is definitely the way to go! Games are fast and dynamic, and you could get four people playing at once with teams of two.

black jack


You’d be forgiven for believing billiards and pool tables are the same, but they aren’t. Billiards tables are considerably larger, at an average length of 10 feet. Where some gambling games rely on pure luck, you can’t blunder through a round of billiards. Choosing a billiards table as your centrepiece will allow you to develop mathematical skills! You have to incorporate angles into your strategy, so practising is the only way to perfect your technique. A casual match takes less than two minutes to set up, but you can also host billiards tournaments in your man cave. And obviously, you’ll win. You can practise whenever you find the time, whereas your friends are at an instant disadvantage.



Once you’ve had a couple of drinks, what is the first game on your mind? Well, it’s beer pong, of course. Though lukewarm cider in red solo cups is the standard, you can play with beverages as classy as you’d like. A beer pong table primarily encourages teamwork and the downing of more drinks! Add cocktails into plastic pint glasses, arrange them onto your table, and you’re good to go. There are other drink options to spice up the evening for sober nights where everyone has to drive home! ‘Dare’ drinks like chicken stock or disgusting smoothies can result in a hilarious game without leaving anybody to make their way home intoxicated and silly.

Black Jack Tables Are Lavish

If your man cave is extravagant and luxurious, a black jack table will suit the atmosphere best. It isn’t a dead casual game, but you can include anywhere from two to seven players, so none of your pals will feel excluded! You’ve got to be less picky with players for your black jack table than you’d need to be with table tennis and foosball. More physical games can only have up to four people included at once, so you would have to ask guests to take it in turns, but that isn’t an issue with black jack! What better to enjoy than a tense game with a glass of whisky?

air hockey

Air Hockey Tables Look Retro

When your dream is to have the arcade at home, an air hockey table could make your wish come true. You’ll have all the fun of the amusements in the middle of your room, without any queues or wait time! Chunky air hockey tables add a retro feel to any man cave, so you’re guaranteed to host the most fun night out of all your friends. Air hockey games take virtually no concentration, and even guests who aren’t playing can enjoy watching the puck fly around. An air hockey table is ideal for fun evenings when you’re drinking, and you don’t want to have to use your brain!


Roulette Tables Are Rare

A president roulette table commands a lot of space and sits heavy, but it’s the height of luxury. For casino night, there isn’t a better, slightly unusual games table. Even when you aren’t in a game, your roulette table is dazzling enough to make a classy centerpiece! But when you are ready to play, you can bring the thrills of Las Vegas to your entire friend group at the drop of a hat with your roulette setup. Securing a night off work to enjoy rounds of roulette in your man cave is much easier than booking a week-long trip to Vegas, and it definitely works out cheaper too!

games console

Games Consoles Work Too

Your centerpiece games table doesn’t need to include sport or gambling. When your friends spend the majority of their time brawling it out on Xbox, you might choose to have games consoles set up as the focal point of your man cave! Pick a sturdy coffee table and a decent wire organiser, and a couple of consoles hooked up to your TV will keep your group entertained for nights on end. Even better, you don’t have to unplug your devices once you’re finished with them or put parts away, so the maintenance with this table is minimal!


A Craps Table Keeps It Easy

Black jack and roulette are pretty intense games, but you can ride the highs of ‘street craps’ without as much effort. If you’re always looking to have fun, and the atmosphere of your man cave is excitable, a craps table will suit your style of evening. Craps is fast-paced, action-packed and very thrilling, encouraging players to wager money against one another’s dice rolls. Holding craps games is a breeze with your table, and it doesn’t require a great deal of skill to upkeep the rules. You’ll all thoroughly enjoy battling it out on this games table and winning purely on odds!


The Conclusion

No matter your style of man cave, a games table is a must-have piece for your room. Whether you go for a poker table, or you decide the retro feel from an air hockey table suits you better, you’re guaranteed a quality centerpiece from the Man Cave Project. It’s always our mission to provide lavish entertainment for your favourite room, and we promise that we deliver!