Here’s How To Decorate Your Man Cave For Any Event

22nd December 2021
disco ball

If you’re planning to host an event in your man cave (or any other room in your house), you’ll want to decorate appropriately to make the room feel special. You want to make an impression. Make it a night to remember.

Well, here are some tips and tricks for tastefully decorating your man cave for an event. Whether it’s a games night with the lads or a Christmas party with family and friends- we’ve got you covered.

casino night

Classy Casino Night

The ultimate classy night out; casinos are tastefully decorated to create an ambient atmosphere. This means a casino night can be difficult to recreate at home, especially if you’re running on a tight budget. You can for traditional, casino-style dark, moody colours- or play on those three colours that spring to mind when you think of card games and roulette tables. A black, red, and white colour scheme may not feel like the casino you regularly attend, but it’s a fun way to decorate your man cave on a budget!

Use playing cards as decorations or giant dice. Create an entranceway to impress with a balloon arch, or push the boat out with a red carpet walkway- your guests will feel like they’re at the classiest event.

Want to go more classy and elegant? Go with a James Bond theme, have a sophisticated black-tie dress code. Find a playlist with songs from the movies, and send one of these James Bond-inspired invitations to your guests!

home cinema

At-Home Cinema Party

The main thing you should do to make your room feel like a cinema turns the lights down low. This sets the scene and make’s it feel somewhat like the real deal. Of course, you don’t want it too dark. You need to be able to see your snacks and drinks! Otherwise, bottles will be knocked all over the place and ruin your decor. Lamps create mood lighting and ensure your guests can still see what’s going on! 

Purchase your favourite movie posters, or to save money, just print them out, then get them up on the wall. Create a sense of nostalgia and go for movies from your guests’ childhood! A snack station is essential; make your space smell and taste like the cinema with a popcorn machine. If possible, lay out your chairs to resemble the seating at the cinemas. 


Football Viewing Event

To kick start your football viewing experience, send out football ticket-themed invitations! The most important aspect of sports viewing parties is the TV, but the drinks and snacks are next up. You will want a well-stocked beer supply so that nobody has to miss a single second running into the house for a beer. Imagine if your guest missed a goal because you didn’t stock up on bottles? 

For snacks, go for picky bits like crisps and drop. Maybe prepare something in advance for half-time, something quick like hot dogs. Serve your food in paper trays, so it feels like what you get at the football stadium! For extra effect, place your snacks in this stadium shaped food tray.


New Year’s Eve Party

A good sound system and a banging playlist are crucial for an excellent new years eve party. If your guests turn up and the music is boring, they’ll probably want to leave before midnight strikes. If you have room, make way for a dance floor. To make a statement, get your hands on a disco ball!

We associate glitz and glam with the new year- think gold, silver, black, and shiny. Go for balloons and table decorations in these colours. Party poppers are a must also! Set up a beer pong table to get the laughter flowing (and the drinks), guaranteed to get everyone in the mood.

A Jolly Christmas Do

Okay, this one is easy—red, green, silver, and gold- with sparkles and Christmas decorations. You can’t go wrong! We all know what makes us feel Christmassy, so this is an easy event to cater for. You want booze and snacks galore and a decent sound system playing Christmas songs (if you’re not yet sick of them).

Want fun and games to keep everyone entertained? A pack of cards never disappoints. With a vast choice of games to play, and lot’s of them very easy to learn, everybody can join in the Christmas cheer!


Scorching Summer Party

For a summer party, you need a banging playlist! Do you know those tunes that feel like Summer? The songs that make you feel like you’re sitting around the pool, sipping on an ice-cold pint. Your snack supply needs to be endless, and the drinks need to be cold.

Everyone’s mood is excellent in the height of Summer, so these parties are always a blast. Karaoke is a perfect option for these Summer nights; what’s a better way to end a drinking fuelled day? Everybody will be up for a sing-a-long when the drinks have been flowing for hours.


High-Quality Items Make All The Difference

Here at The Man Cave Project, we stock essential items for making your space feel like anything from a casino to a cinema. Take a look at our showroom, and get in touch if you have any questions. We know how important it is to have your own space to retreat to after a hard day at work.