Here’s The Best Layout For Your Man Cave

15th October 2021


So, you’ve managed the persuasion, and now you’ve got everything you need for your dream man cave; but you’re not done yet! Now you need to decide where to put everything, and you need to get the layout right. Otherwise, your dreams could fail miserably. There’s absolutely no point in having a pool table if you don’t have enough room to take a proper shot! The layout of your man cave depends on the shape and size of the room; however, there are still several things to consider when choosing the layout of your man cave!


The Main Things To Consider

Your Focal Point

So first, you need to think about how you’ll use your man cave; this will decide your focal point. In most living rooms, the layout is dictated by the TV placement. Maybe for you, it’ll be your roulette table, this will be in the centre of the room as you need space around it, then the rest of the furniture will fit in around the table. Alternatively, your man cave may focus on the bar; or even a record player/sound system. Decide what’s most important to you, then work your layout around this.

Use of Lighting

Where possible, use natural lighting. If the natural lighting in your man cave is limited, don’t worry; you can still do a lot with artificial lighting! Think about the vibe you’re going for. If you want a moody yet relaxed space, place lamps around the room so you can turn the big light off but create an atmosphere with mood lighting.

You can use lighting to accentuate your focal point. Statement lights above a games table make it stand out and provide ultimate lighting for practising your trick shots! Neon lights are a great way to incorporate lighting into your decor. You don’t want overpowering lighting near your TV, and try not to place your TV opposite a window as the glare will ruin your movie marathons.

Overdoing It

Please do not overdo it! Keep things simple, even more so if you have limited space. You want your man cave to bring a sense of relaxation; this won’t happen if your man cave is cluttered and you can’t even swing a cat in there! Stick to what you need, with just a few added extras! 

Don’t shove a colossal sound system in your man cave if you won’t use it; if your space is limited, go with the essentials first, then see what room you have left. If you want to add some more fun without taking up a lot of space, there are options such as electronic dartboards to fill the gaps!


Here’s Some Layout Ideas

A Focus On Gaming

If you’re really into video games, you’ll want a unit suitable for holding all your gaming consoles. Not only will a quality unit keep your consoles safe, but it’ll also look pretty damn cool. A unit with shelves means you can store your many consoles without having to take up too much space. 

If a lot of gaming is going down in your man cave, you need comfortable seating. Gaming chairs are a good option, or to create a super chill vibe go for some beanbags. Your seating needs a clear view of your TV screen—one last thing; snacks and drinks. If possible, keep your beer fridge within arms reach of your chosen seating for the ultimate gaming set-up.

Your Own Home Cinema

Without a doubt, to create a home cinema, your focal point needs to be your TV or your projector if you’re pulling out all the stops! You want rows of seating to make it feel like the real deal and ensure every seat has a clear view of the screen. 

Your seating needs to be comfy; this is an absolute must. You don’t want anybody getting restless halfway through the new Marvel film you’ve waited years for. Make sure to leave room for your snack station; a popcorn machine will look the part, provide tasty snacks, and bring that well-known smell to your home cinema. Every cinema needs fresh popcorn!

Homemade Casino

Your games table is without a doubt the focal point of your man cave if you’re going for a casino theme! If you don’t have loads of room, don’t try to squeeze more than one games table in. Stick to one table. This can be a hard decision to make; here are some tips to help you choose the perfect table for your space. If you’re going for a poker table, remember to ensure you have enough room for seating too!

Party Central

If hosting a party for your mates is your idea of a good night, then the focus should be on a bar or at least a well-stocked fridge! Always make sure you’ve got something for everyone; cocktails, lager, wine, soft drinks! To make your man cave feel like a pub/bar, bar stools are a must. They also don’t take up as much room as other seating options, which is a nice bonus.

If possible, leave room for a cosy corner within your space—a lovely comfy sofa for chilling out on after the drinks have flowed slightly too long. 


Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Not Planning

A great layout requires careful planning; every space is unique, so no one size fits all! Take a look at the room’s shape and what you are working with, then think about what will work best. Not planning before you decorate and buy furniture is crucial as you could end up wasting a lot of time and money if things aren’t right! If you need help, use a free online floor planner. Planning your layout could make or break your man cave!

Not Thinking About Storage

Not including storage in your man cave (or even the right kind of storage) is one of the biggest mistakes when thinking about the layout. You want to ensure you have the proper storage for all your comics, vinyl records, or football merchandise; whatever it is, you collect! Shelving is great for anything you want on display, but if you need storage for things like cables, you need a unit that will hide them away, something with drawers.

Not Considering How You’ll Use The Space

Think about what is most important to you, and make sure you prioritise! If your dream has always been to have an air hockey table, then you might have to give up the 60-inch TV! The layout ideas mentioned above will help you think about how you’ll be using the space and choose a layout accordingly. If your aim to create your very own casino, you don’t want chunky sofas taking up the whole room! Be sensible and meaningful with your decisions.

Not Investing In Quality Furniture

Buy cheap, buy twice! If the cost of a piece of furniture or games table seems too good to be true, it probably is. Investing in quality items means they’ll stick around forever, and you won’t be left with a wonky pool table (no, it’s not your rubbish skills! It really is wonky).


At The Man Cave Project, we supply professional, casino quality games tables amongst many other accessories. We have luxury poker tables, karaoke machines, even card shufflers! We’ve got everything you need to bring your dream man cave to life, all fantastic quality and built to last. Check out our showroom and get planning!