Here’s Why You Should Be Investing In Your Man Cave

17th January 2022

Are you currently debating whether a man cave is necessary for you? Yes, it will set you back some money, but it will be worth the investment, especially if you put some serious time, effort, and planning into it. You don’t need a huge space- you can even transform your garden shed into a man cave!

The process can be costly, but the benefits will eventually outweigh the cost. As well as potentially adding value to your property, you will find many emotional benefits from your man cave.

It’s your own place to go and leave your work/daily life stressed behind. Somewhere to spend time alone or host a lads night in! Here are some of the reasons why you should be investing in your man cave.


If You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice

It can be easy to do things by halves because you want to save time and money- but you’ve heard the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, and there’s a good reason why people say this. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Splashing out a little extra cash at the beginning and future, you will be thankful.

One example is a real, professional poker table compared to a felt table topper. Which would make you happier in the long run and impress all your mates? It’s definitely the real table. Yes, it will cost a decent amount more, but we say it’s 100% worth it.


Man Caves Are Stress Relievers

Being stressed is no fun, and neither is spending time around somebody who is stressed! Your family and friends will be thankful that you have a place to let off steam and relax. Your man cave is a place to unwind, so investing in making it an enjoyable place to be will have some amazing benefits.

Studies have found that 74% of people felt so stressed over one year that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope! Work can get too much, the traffic on the way home from home might push you over the edge… having a place to call your own can massively help. Invest in a space to switch off and take part in your favourite activities without any distractions.


It Will Help Maintain Your Identity

When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget about your beloved hobbies. Your own individual interests and skills are what makes you, YOU! So, whether you love playing instruments, DIY, watching a lengthy film, or hosting poker nights with your mates – having your own space encourages you to take time out and concentrate on these activities that make you happy. 


Hobbies Encourage Mental Stimulation

We all have certain things we personally enjoy. Maybe for you, it’s kicking back, putting your favourite album on, and sipping on a pint from your fancy beer keg. If that’s not for you, you may be more swayed towards getting sucked into a video game and using this as your escape. Whatever it is you enjoy, taking part in recreational hobbies is extremely beneficial.

Your mental health could improve, thanks to switching off and taking your mind off daily stresses. You could also see improvement in concentration, problem-solving skills, and stress levels. 


You Could See Return On Your Investment

And not just on a mental and emotional level, but also return on your finances! When executed well, a man cave could add value to your property. But, you have to do it right. We don’t mean a shed with a TV and a mini-fridge shoved in- we mean a classy, well-planned man cave. This is why it’s important to put a little extra effort and planning into the process.

Research has found that having extra, non-habitable space within your premises (such as a second garage or garden room) can increase your property resale value!


It’s An Excuse To Buy Cool Stuff!

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning a jukebox or an air hockey table– well, with a man cave, you’ve got a perfect excuse to make these dreams come true! We’re The Man Cave Project, and anything you could possibly want, we’ve got it. If you’ve got any questions, get in touch, and we can give you a helping hand.