How To Design Your Man Cave; A Checklist

5th October 2021

pool table

Considering the sheer amount of time you’ll spend chilling in your man cave, you definitely want to spend time settling on the perfect room design. While practical bits like your TV and your fridge feel most important, you’ve got to sort your walls and your flooring before you move furniture inside. How do you ensure you’ve got enough space for your roulette table and that it won’t clash with the colour of your carpet? With clever planning! Be thoughtful, and follow a guide to guarantee that you don’t miss anything from your man cave. You’ll be good to go!

Without further ado, here is just how to design your man cave; a checklist.

Wooden Floor

1. Fix Flooring First

Everything is going to rest on your floor. Your sofa, your games table and your drinks cabinet need to be supported by sturdy carpet or hardwood flooring! Hardwood flooring will be ideal if you’re a keen bartender because you’ll be able to wipe away any spillages straight away. Wooden planks give a rustic feel, but tile may suit you too. Carpet is better if you’re going to sit on the sofa and watch movies the majority of the time. Carpets also come with more variety in pattern and hue if you fancy a colour theme!

Poker Photo on Wall

2. Decorate Your Walls

A wash of paint over your walls is the next step. Since this is your space and it’ll no doubt be your pride and joy, pick your favourite colour for decoration. Green or blue paint is a statement, and adding it to your walls early means that you’ll be able to select furniture with a colour scheme in mind. If you want a minimalist man cave, settle for a light grey tone! Now is also the time to fit your neon LED signs and your shelves up in the room with some nails. Get your framed posters out on display too!


3. Start Choosing Furniture

The basic framework of your room has taken shape. It’s the ideal time to choose your seating, bartop, and storage, but keep it basic for plenty of free space. Stick with the theme of your decor! If you’ve got rustic wooden flooring, brown leather furniture will give your man cave a vintage feel. When you opted for cool green walls, ensure that cool accents are included in in your furniture pieces, such as your mini-fridge! Choosing complementary furniture to the tones you’ve chosen for paint guarantees that the room will look coordinated.

Champion Trophies

4. Add Personal Touches

Your man cave is still yet to really feel like it’s yours. It’s time to put that furniture to use and display all your memorabilia! Those old trophies don’t need to be left stuffed up in the loft anymore. Grab any old autographs that are sentimental to you, and frame them! You’ll be able to position all of your achievements around your bar, your TV cabinet or your storage units. The memories will be sure to bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the room!


5. Get Your Gadgets

A well furnished, attractive room is fair enough, but it’s no man cave! To elevate your space, you’ve got to get your gadgets. Now is the time to add your 50-inch flatscreen and your popcorn machine! A comfy sofa is definitely more important than the biggest TV possible, but remove any furniture you don’t need if you want to jam-pack your man cave with entertainment. It’s definitely worth ditching the footstool if it means room for all of your games consoles! That’s a no brainer.

American Football Table

6. Pick Your Games Table

We’ve said it time and time again, but your games table is the centerpiece of any man cave. What else is there to stand around when you’re swigging pints and chatting away? Whether you’re a poker fiend or you’re a dab hand at air hockey, picking the right table guarantees your room will be the place to be. At the Man Cave Project, we’ve already compiled a guide to choosing a games table for your man cave. Read up to discover which form of entertainment will suit your space the best!


7. Stock Your Bar

One could argue that the bar is the most treasured element of your man cave. And stocking it up is massively important in the design of your room! After all, a bare bar means a bare looking room, and there isn’t anything comfortable about that. Stack up every bottle of spirit you can get your hands on and display them on shelving near your fridge. Pop up an electronic dartboard for a pub feel. Grab impressive whisky glasses to flash off, and watch how your space transforms into a lavish-looking escape!

LED Lighting

8. Assess Your Lighting

Since the majority of your man cave is filled now, it’s the ideal time to check whether or not you could do with additional lighting. If the area behind your bar is looking dull and lifeless, try installing some LED strips. When your trophies aren’t fully visible dotted around the room, light them up with table lamps. Should one corner of your man cave look empty and dreary, add a standing lamp to give the natural light from your windows a helping hand. Lighting brings your room to life! 


9. Finish With Finishing Touches

And just like that, you’re almost sorted! All that’s left to do is fix the final details. Grab an acrylic chip tree to stick next to your poker table to keep your casino nights organised. Buy a roulette wheel and put it on display for your Vegas themed nights! Choose a shaggy rug if you’re finding the hard floor chilly. Hook up your consoles, and add blankets to your sofa suite to keep the room warm. Add a bunch of snacks on top of the bar and behind it, because food is always a good idea.

For further advice on designing and decorating your man cave, contact us at the Man Cave Project. We’ll be more than happy to help you with decisions like choosing the ultimate games table!