How To Tell If A Room Is Suitable For Your Man Cave

8th October 2021
man cave

There is no right or wrong size room for your man cave. It should be just how you like it; it’s your own space, after all!

If you’re lucky enough to have a man cave, you’re probably not fortunate enough to also have multiple rooms to choose from! You probably need to make the most of whatever room you can get your hands on. But, if you do have a choice, lucky you! Also, if you’re trying to work out if your room is a practical choice for a man cave, then read this guide to find out.

Let’s make sure your man cave has a room for all desired activities.

Ask Yourself These Questions?

  • What activities do I want to be possible in my man cave?
  • What things do I want to put in my man cave?
  • Do other people need this room?
  • How easy is it to turn this room into my man cave?
  • How easy is it to be alone in this room?

Can a Room Be Too Small For a Man Cave?

It all depends on what you plan to do in your man cave! Usually, most people want a man cave for activities that don’t take up too much room. A TV and a beer tap are the essentials for many people, along with a nice comfy chair. You need to think about what items you require; here are some of the most common activities and things you need to make room for;

Pub Sports

A widespread activity for man caves; unfortunately, some of the items are pretty big! Unless you have loads of space, so you probably won’t be able to have every sport in your man cave. You probably need to decide about what pub sport is most important to you.


These take up a lot less space than other pub sports. All you need is some free wall space and room to take your shots! With an electronic dartboard, you don’t need to worry about the darts ruining the area around the dartboard (thanks to the plastic tips).

Pool Table

Pool tables do take up a lot more space than dartboards, but if you’re a keen player, then make it a priority! Here’s some information about how much room you need for different size pool tables.


To play card games like poker, you can use a standard table. But, if your dream is to have a professional poker table in your man cave, you do need a decent amount of room. Many poker tables can also double up as regular tables so that you can hit two birds with one stone!

Drinking Activities

Often done alongside other activities, so if you have the room, these are nice added extras! But, they are essential if you want your man cave to feel like a real pub/bar.

Beer Fridge

There’s nothing worse than a warm can of lager. Thanks to so many different sizes available, you should be able to find one suitable for your space.


Drinking is a social activity, so you need to ensure you have enough seating for yourself and a few mates! Make room for a comfy sofa if you wish, or even just a little table and a couple of bar stools. If you’ve got a games table, you can usually change these into a regular table.


If you want to pull out all the stops, they’re a real luxury. They do take up a lot of room, but if you can, then go for it! You can transform a corner into your bar; you’re bound to impress with this addition.

Video Gaming

If you’re into video gaming, you’re in for a treat as you don’t need a lot of room for this! There are a few small priorities. You should be left with room for added extras such as memorabilia and a snack station. You can put on your TV the wall, so you don’t need to worry too much about fitting this in.


Luckily, consoles are pretty small, small enough to fit in any room. If your only concern is gaming, you could probably have your man cave in a cupboard if you want to (not recommended, though). If you’ve got multiple consoles, get a shelving unit. 

Comfy Seating

A comfy chair is vital for long gaming sessions! A reclining chair is the best option, but you need quite a bit of room to use it to its full potential.

DIY Projects

If you’re a handyman who’s DIY mad, then you’ll probably be using your man cave to complete all kinds of projects. You should try to leave room for a TV at least, so you can still use your man cave to relax when needed.

Space for Tools

This all depends on the type of projects you do. Whatever tools you need, make sure you have suitable storage and that your storage is secure.

Parking Space

If your kind of project involves cars and motorbikes, you’ll need space for parking! A garage is probably the best room for you; remember to make sure the room is secure. You don’t want to give thieves an easy target.

Best Rooms For A Man Cave


As they’re so easy to convert, garages are an excellent option for man caves. Other people in the household don’t often use the garage, and they have separate access to the rest of the house. It’s easy to be alone as they’re shut off from any other room.

Garages are perfect for workshops, especially if you’re working on cars and DIY projects. If you’re a musician, garages are fantastic as they’re the ideal spot for band practice.


As they’re usually only used for storage, taking over the loft isn’t a massive issue. As long as you have somewhere else to store your Christmas tree and suitcases, you’re good to go. There shouldn’t be any passing traffic so that you can be alone! 

Loft’s aren’t the easiest to convert, and it could get pricey if you’d have to complete structural changes. But, with the right eye and patience, it could look pretty amazing.


If you’re lucky enough to have this option, then it’s the perfect option for your man cave! There shouldn’t be much traffic at all, but it could be slightly tricky to convert. Basements are often home to things like heating systems. But, when done right, it would be so cool to have a man cave in your basement. It’ll be nice and quiet; you’ll have no problem getting some peace and quiet!

Shed/Garden Room

This is by far the best option for a man cave! It can be anything from a garden shed to a storage unit. No one else has any reason to enter, and you can make it truly feel like yours. Nobody else needs a say in how it’s decorated, as it’s not part of the house! You also don’t need to worry about causing too much sound; if you’re a loud gamer or you love to blast some tunes, a separate garden room is for you!

Find The Right Products For Your Man Cave

So, you’ve found the perfect room for your man cave; now, you need to fill it with all the right items. At The Man Cave Project, we supply professional, casino-grade products like poker tables and roulette wheels. We also provide extras such as popcorn machines and neon signs! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.