Man Cave Ideas for a Small Space

5th October 2021
Man Cave Minibar

So you’ve decided that you want to design a man cave in your home, and you’re raring to go. Options may seem limited when you only have a small space free, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! With our handy list of clever design tips and tricks, you can celebrate the fun of a man cave in even the smallest spare room. Adjustable chairs, convertible furniture and multi-purpose gadgets make fitting micro-man caves a breeze.

You don’t need a loft, garage or basement to create your own haven. If you’re searching for man cave ideas for your small space, then you’ve come to the right place!


Fit Shelves Everywhere

It’s a trick as old as time. Shelves are your best friend when you’re pushed for room because you’re making use of dead wall space. For a micro-man cave, you want to fit as much onto your walls as possible! Flatscreen TVs can be attached directly to your brick with a bracket, so you don’t need to think about a display unit. Gadgets like your popcorn machine can be stored at a height so they won’t get in the way of your sofas.

Shelves can even build your bar. Not only can they hold your liquor bottles, but with a fitted rack underneath then your glasses can be stored on the same shelf too! You won’t need a chunky drinks cabinet taking up half your room, but you’ve still got plenty to pour when mates are around.

Man Cave Lighting


Get Your Lighting Right

Clever lighting can manipulate the size and shape of the space that appears. If you want to make your small man cave seem bigger, you can use light and shadow to achieve this effect! Keep the focus on more organised areas of your room, such as around the TV and consoles, by adding backlights Like your shelves or your cluttered coffee table, busier bits will be less noticeable with your typical overhead lighting. 

If you aren’t really into gaming and a flatscreen TV isn’t going to be the centrepiece of your room, try fitting a neon LED sign. Your light sign will draw attention to the walls rather than the lack of floor space, and the coloured neon glow that it emits can set a fun atmosphere in your room.


Build For Purpose

Rather than using space trying to make your man cave tick every box, you should determine what the main purpose of your room will be. If you’re predominantly a poker player, why try and accommodate an air hockey table that you’ll hardly even touch? Instead, make sure that you can comfortably fit your poker table and chairs into your man cave – even if you can’t store much else.

The same applies if you’re an avid gamer. All you’ll need is your consoles, your TV and a comfortable sofa to lounge on! Anything else is a bonus and doesn’t need to be prioritised in terms of your limited space.

Man Cave Poker Table


Be Clever With Colour

Just as lighting has a big impact on the visible size of your room, colour can affect the appearance of your man cave. Darker paint and carpet is going to absorb any light from the bulbs you’ve fitted, which is excellent if you want a darker ambience for a poker game. White paints and light colours will suit better if your cave’s main purpose is as a bar, though, because it’ll seem bigger and brighter when pals enter.

Not only are white walls brighter for your bar, but they’re clever for your pub games too. Your electronic dartboard will be much easier to see against a light background, and every friend will perform better once it’s their throw.


Think Multipurpose

Your bar stools and your countertop don’t only need to be used during a drink! When you’re tight on space, you can’t afford for any items to miss on multipurpose. Your bar chairs can be lowered and brought around your coffee table. Your coffee table can be kitted out with a roulette table-top matt. By using the same items for multiple circumstances, you’re avoiding extra clutter!

When your roulette table and seating are already taken care of, all you need to store is your roulette wheel. During the day, your wheel can sit on the shelf while you use your stools as a breakfast bar!

Move Your Mirrors

Mirrors are a secret weapon when your furniture feels like it’s cramped into a cupboard. One of the best man cave ideas for a small space is fitting a large mirror to your back wall! While it mightn’t actually add any physical room to your man cave, it’s guaranteed to give the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors also amplify any light source that you’ve already got installed, so your setting will appear brighter too.

Man Cave Table Tennis


Stick With Small

Finally, when you’re buying new furniture for your man cave, then you should stick with small! While a 60-inch flatscreen may sound incredible in theory, it’s useless if you haven’t got the facilities for it. If you decide you want a new coffee table, favour the smaller options. Should you discover that you need a table tennis table, buy a slim set that folds away for easy storage! Staying mindful promises that your small man cave remains uncluttered.


You don’t need a ton of free space to reap the benefits of a man cave. With some consideration, and careful planning using our design tips, your man cave will be the perfect haven day and night regardless of its size! Here at the Man Cave Project, we hope we’ve given you plenty of man cave ideas for your small space. If you require any more practical recommendations on entertainment you can add into your room, contact us!