Stuck For Space? How To Turn Your Shed Into A Mini Man Cave

22nd October 2021
shed in a garden

So you’ve decided to turn your shed into a man cave; exciting times! But how do you turn a run-down, spider ridden, freezing cold shed into an exciting escape? Well, here are the steps you need to take to transform your garden shed into your dream space, from cleaning tips to making sure your WiFi is speedy enough; we’ve got it covered.

Start With a Thorough Clean

Sheds are not the cleanest places, so this is why cleaning needs to be the first step. Cobwebs, dust, splinters- all things bound to be hiding away in your garden shed. This isn’t usually a problem, but you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your shed once it’s transformed into a man cave.

Empty your shed, and you might even find some stuff to sell on! Make some extra cash to put towards that poker table you’ve been dreaming of.

Usually, a trip into your shed probably means running in and trying to avoid contact with spiders. Well, this needs to change! Splinters need sanding down, and insect repellent needs spraying. Then, after a thorough vacuum and lots of antibacterial sprays, you’re ready to move onto the planning stage. 

Ensure Your Shed Is Prepared For The Seasons

This is a prettytime-consuming part of the process, but so worth it to keep your man cave safe and to feel like a proper room. You should damp proof your shed, then add lining and insulation to ensure your shed stays warm in Winter.

If possible, install winters able to be opened. If not, make sure you have some form of ventilation. Allowing air circulation in the warmer months will ensure your man cave doesn’t get too humid.

Get Your Electricity Sorted

This is essential – after all, it wouldn’t be a man cave without a TV, games console, or a speaker! If not already done, you will need to install wiring, sockets, and switches.

Then, you need a way for electricity to get from the house to the shed itself. You should always get a professional electrician to come and do this for you. Do not risk doing a dodgy job (and possibly electrocuting yourself in the process).

Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re planning on anything like streaming TV or using a laptop- then this is a vital step to take! Take your laptop or any other device to your shed, and make sure your WiFi reaches. If it doesn’t, then you should consider getting WiFi boosters. These work by expanding the range of your network, so it works in your shed!

Think About Your Lighting

You don’t want the lighting in your shed to be overpowering; it’s meant to be a place to chill out! A lamp is a great option. It creates some mood lighting. Neon lights are a fancy extra, and they’ll turn your shed into what feels like a trendy bar or mini-casino! Solar-powered lights are a perfect option; they’re also good for the environment and cheap to run! 

Don’t Forget About Storage

After all, you need to keep all your prized possessions safe and organised! If you’re a collector, this is crucial. Shelving is great for a shed, as you get loads of display space without taking up much room. Show off all your stuff instead of shoving it all to the back of a cupboard!

Now Onto The Fun Stuff

Now, unless you have a gigantic shed, you probably don’t have room for a games table. This is unfortunate, but there are other options. For example, how about an electronic dartboard? They don’t take up any floor space, just a small amount of wall. Also, the darts won’t damage the surroundings as traditional ones would! Also, don’t forget the power of a deck of cards.

To make the game a bit more professional, get a card shuffler– instantly classier—endless fun without taking up any room at all. A beer keg means you don’t have to worry about a fridge; it keeps your drinks ice cold!

Don’t Forget About The Exterior

You need to decide what you want your shed to look like. Do you want it to stand out and make a statement? Paint it a bright, funky colour. Would you instead rather your shed blended in with your garden, like your own little secret hideaway? Keep it brown or paint it green!

Add lights from your house to your shed’s entrance, your walkway to guide you to and from your man cave. It would be best if you also thought about installing CCTV on the outside of your shed. You don’t want someone breaking in and stealing your beloved comic book collection or games console!

Make Sure You’ve Got All The Right Items

At The Man Cave Project, we’ve got a vast collection of items perfect for man caves. From beer kegs to card shufflers, we’ve got it all. Check out our showroom here, and tag us in your man cave pictures on Instagram @uk_mancave. We love to see how you’ve used our products.