The Best DIY Man Cave Ideas

19th November 2021

bottle tops

Your man cave is your very own space, and DIY projects are the perfect way to make it feel like your own. You can show off your interests and hobbies without breaking the bank! Maybe you’ve blown all your budget on your pool table; now you need some thrifty ideas to finish decorating. Time to get your craft on- and don’t worry, none of these projects will be too tricky. You don’t always need to get a professional in to transform your man cave.

Let’s get started on the best DIY projects for your man cave!

Reuse An Empty Whisky Bottle

Have you finished a bottle of whisky (or any other spirit), but the bottle is just too good looking to throw away? Reuse it – you’ll get a nice bit of decor, and it’s good for the environment! You could transform your bottle into a lamp by placing some fairy lights inside. This is perfect if you want your man cave to feel like a trendy bar – these kinds of lights are all the rage right now. Or, how about turning it into a DIY soap dispenser? You can buy the pumps online for cheap, simple but looks so much better than a standard bottle of handwash.

DIY Wall Panelling

This is a perfect way to make your room look classy- quickly and on a budget. Suppose you are aiming for a casino-like atmosphere? Wall panelling surrounding your games table will create that vibe ideally. And, honestly, it is so much easier than you may initially think! You don’t need any expensive or professional equipment. Sit and plan your design on paper first; there are so many tutorials available online for this too. Here’s one guide for how to panel a wall.

Beer Top Wall Art

Whatever you’re into, you can probably make wall art out of it. Here’s an idea- how about keeping all your beer top bottles and adding them all onto a canvas. Maybe start buying a bottle on all your travels (if you don’t already), then add the tops to your wall art—a little keepsake of all your holidays and trips away. It also looks cool, and nobody else will have the same piece of art as you!

Themed Wall Murals

There are hundreds of different murals on the market, so no matter what you’re interested in, you can probably find a mural suitable. How about making your man cave feel like a professional stadium? This wall mural is the perfect backdrop for your air hockey table. Or if this isn’t your kind of vibe, maybe you’re more of an outdoorsy person; check out this forest wallpaper mural!

wall mural

Painted Chalkboard Wall

This is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do for your man cave! All you need is some chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, and some chalk. You can use your chalkboard for whatever you want. Here are some ideas; keeping track of football scores, displaying your favourite cocktails, a movie checklist, or organising important work stuff to remember!

DIY Beer Coasters

Turn your favourite drinks into your very own coasters! If you’re really into trying different craft beers, or you’ve got a particular favourite drink, this is a great way to show that off! And it’s so simple, here’s a step by step guide. Your coasters will also protect your furniture, which you can also DIY! Let’s discuss that next.

Pallet Coffee Table

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen people turning pallets into garden furniture. It’s a straightforward and inexpensive way to create a considerable amount of seating. You can often get pallets for free! Well, you can use this idea in your man cave by creating a coffee table. All you’ll need is a couple of pallets and a few bits like a hammer and nails. You’ll be able to find loads of tutorials with a quick Google search. Here are 20 different ideas to take a look at!

Football Shirt Cushion Covers

Have you got a crazy amount of football tops that you don’t get around to wearing? No worries- turn them into some decor for your man cave! Here’s a guide to bring this idea to life. Your beloved collection of football shirts (or any other sport) will no longer be sat collecting dust in your wardrobe. The perfect way to truly show your dedication to your team!

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