The Do’s and Dont’s Of Hosting A Poker Night

22nd December 2021

If you are thinking about organising an at-home poker night, but something is stopping you, then you have most likely heard the horror stories of games nights gone wrong. There are many benefits to hosting a home poker game, but like many things, it will only pay off if executed well. 

Not putting enough thought into your games night can lead to unhappy guests and even, in the worst cases, ending in a dispute over rules or money. It is essential that, as a host, you have covered all bases to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. 

Do not fear! We have got all of the essential dos and don’ts to make you the host of the best poker night in town.


Be Prepared

If you fail to prepare, then be prepared to fail. Ensuring you have thought of everything is the key to being a successful host. Having plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment will help to make your guests feel accommodated.

Make sure you have thought of everything. And, we mean everything. From dietary requirements to accessibility needs, these are things you take for granted when attending a casino. If you are hosting, you must think of everyone. If your guests feel fully tended to, they are more likely to return for another game night.

It is also crucial that you have organised your guest list and they RSVP in good time. This level of organisation may seem tedious, but there is nothing worse than not having enough space or refreshments for all of your players.

If you have the room, then we recommend investing in a traditional poker table. Not only will it add a good effect to your room, but it will be a great talking piece with your guests.  


Food & Drink

Poker nights tend to drag on into the early hours of the morning, and if this is the case for your night, then you mustn’t run out of supplies. From alcohol to tea and coffee, you need to have plenty to keep the fun going. 

If you are hosting your poker game in the evening, then you are likely responsible for dinner. While it is tempting to order pizzas for ease, however, there could not be a greasier food to feed your guests. Once the grease gets onto your cards, it can seriously reduce the quality of your game.

Prepare plenty of finger food, such as crisps and dips, so your players can quickly grab something without turning their attention for too long. If you want to add an extra effect, you could even add a beer tap or popcorn machine

Buying food and drink for a large group of people can be pricey, and poker nights are costly if you lose. So, if you are worried you won’t win back your money, it is perfectly fine to suggest a “bring your own” style evening. 


Keep Things Moving

As we mentioned before, poker nights can be long, so you need to ensure that yours is as efficient as possible. You don’t want to waste time shuffling cards and keeping your guests waiting. 

You need to set up and be ready to go before everyone arrives. If you know a friend is coming, ask if they can arrive a few minutes early to help you get sorted. Not only will it make your poker night more enjoyable, but it will be much more effective. Your guests won’t want to turn up to your home casino and see the behind-the-scenes. 

We recommend having two decks of cards handy or even an automatic card shuffler, so no extra time is wasted in between deals.


Keep It Friendly

Whether you’re playing poker with friends or neighbours, it is uncomfortable when things turn ugly. To avoid any disputes, you need to keep the rules consistent and fair. Inform everyone of the game they will be playing beforehand. Set the price range as something exciting but still affordable. 

A good poker night should result in people wanting to play again. Still, if there is animosity, it can damage the night’s reputation. Similarly, if players cash out early, the remainder of the night will soon get boring, so it is worth allowing them to cash back in once. Limiting the number of times a player can cash in will keep the game fair and fun. It will avoid any players with the money to do so, cashing in continuously.


If you use these guidelines, we can guarantee that your poker night will go down as one of the best. If it is enjoyable for yourself and your guests, you will hopefully want it to become a regular engagement. 

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