What You Need In Your Man Cave Bathroom

22nd April 2022

When building your man cave, it is likely that you’re not even thinking about your bathroom. There is so much to consider from games tables, seating, drinks, snacks, and more, that your bathroom may pay the price and not be as good as possible. However, the bathroom is integral to achieving a high-quality and impressive man cave. Ensuring your washroom is clean and well stocked with toiletries could mean a man cave success or flop.

We’ve got you covered here at The Man Cave Project. We have devised a list of all you need to keep your bathroom clean, shiny, and ready to use. 

Keep It Clean

Having cleaning products to hand is a must. If you are lucky enough to have a cleaner, then have the best products to hand so they can make sure your bathroom is sparkling. No one likes a messy bathroom. Poorly kept facilities can quickly ruin a deluxe man cave. A dirty toilet is off-putting to your guests and, worse, any potential dates you might bring back to your man cave. Taking fifteen minutes once or twice a week to give your bathroom a once-over clean will help you stay on top of any dirt, dust, and grime. This also means you won’t have to dedicate a large chunk of your time to the task.

It is now more important than ever to keep surfaces clean, especially if multiple people are using them. Germs can spread by contact with contaminated surfaces. You can limit the spread of viruses by simply staying up to date with regular cleaning.


Candles are a great way to create ambiance, set the right mood, and, what’s more, get rid of any unpleasant smells! However, if you are worried about fragrant floral scents filling your man cave, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are a range of neutral scents and even masculine candles specifically designed to suit men’s tastes. You can have your man cave smelling luxurious with some of these designer scents. Candles have a multitude of benefits too. As well as smelling great, they can create nice and subtle mood lighting and help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is great for winding down after a busy day.


Don’t make your guests air-dry their wet hands! It might be alright for you, but most people prefer a towel. However, don’t buy cheap and nasty. High quality combed cotton towels are soft and durable, meaning they keep their softness for longer. You can choose a colour to match your man cave and bathroom or keep it simple with a plain white set. Having a spare set to hand for any guests to use is also an excellent idea and shows great attention to detail.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A good quality waterproof speaker can instantly elevate your shower game. You can easily play music or podcasts from your phone on these devices without risking your phone getting wet. Showering in silence is dull. By simply adding some of your favourite tunes to this everyday task, you can raise your morning vibe or add some extra relaxation to your evening. 

Shelves/ Organiser

Another bathroom killer is clutter. It’s almost as bad as leaving your bathroom dirty. Depending on the size of your facilities, there may not be much room to store things. If this is the case in your man cave bathroom, you need not worry. You can get creative with space-saving storage solutions to help you declutter your sink and shower. You can install shelves or small cupboards to keep all of your toiletries and cleaning products stored away ready for when you need them. These can be easily bought online, or you can make them into a fun DIY project.

Hand Soap

Cleaning is essential in preventing the spread of germs, and so is hand washing. As well as Coronavirus, other illnesses such as Salmonella and Norovirus can get onto people’s hands and make them poorly. Without washing your hands regularly, you can pick up germs from various surfaces and perform tasks from using the toilet to walking the dog. If anyone has coughed or sneezed, they can spread germs onto many surrounding surfaces, including door handles. 

Choosing an antibacterial hand-soap with a fragrance you like and washing your hands for twenty seconds or more will ensure maximum effectiveness. You can help keep you and your friends free from viruses by ensuring you always have a supply of handwash by your sink.


Why not add a touch of class to your man cave bathroom and invest in a towel robe? You can shower, wrap up then sit back and watch your favourite movies with ease. They are a great additional feature that will help you kick back and relax after a hard day at work. It will also be a great way to replicate the feel of a luxury hotel bathroom.

You should have all of your bathroom bases covered with these essentials to ensure the ultimate man cave experience for you and your guests.